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August 18, 2021

Teaching the next generation about water conservation through our virtual Mizuiku Education Program


As a global beverage company that delivers the blessings of water and nature to our customers, we are committed to protecting the environment and promoting water sustainability across our business. We strive to support and engage our local communities about what they can do to preserve water in their daily lives.

In 2003, we developed Suntory's Mizuiku Education Program for Nature and Water to teach the next generation about the importance of water and nature. Through this program, students are encouraged to think about what they can do to ensure water is preserved for the future. We believe that educating our youth on sustainability practices will inspire them to have a positive impact within their communities in the years to come.

The Mizuiku Education Program, which celebrates its 18th year in 2021, allows participants to experience for themselves the importance of water and the forests that nurture it. Since its inception, we are honored to have shared this valuable knowledge with nearly 26,900 students and parents around the world. This program is unique to Suntory and is designed for our children -- the future leaders -- to understand the marvels of nature and how to protect it for future generations.

At Suntory, it is our mission to create harmony with people and nature. This is why, even during the difficulties of the ongoing pandemic, we have prioritized this education program by adapting it for a virtual setting. To keep children safe in their homes, Suntory Garuda Beverage offers the Mizuiku Education Program through virtual learning modules. Programming includes content focused on environmental education and clean water conservation with modules available in online and video format.

pic02.png.jpgStudents come together in a virtual platform to learn the Mizuiku Education Program curriculum

Tristan Vidu, a student in the program, shared his experience with the virtual Mizuiku format: "I learned about the importance of saving clean water and not polluting it, starting from the home environment. Understanding water and the environment is easy and fun with Mizuiku's education tools like videos and posters. I also recorded some of the things I had done in the Mizuiku Activity Journal."

Students also have access to the new MizuAdventure app, a free, educational game that allows students to learn about clean water and how to preserve it in simple ways. The game is also available in a board game format for teachers to use when they return to school. Additionally, this board game has also been developed into a "Special Pack" version that is given to students who participate in virtual factory visits organized by Suntory Garuda Beverage.


The MizuAdventure app is also available in a board game format
for teachers to use when children return to school.

Another student, Kayla Fachrezi, explained why she likes the MizuAdventure app: "Playing MizuAdventure on HP is really fun. I learned to sort waste, plant trees, turn off the tap, and make biopore holes. The challenges, points and levels of play give me the spirit to keep playing while learning about the importance of protecting the environment."

We are also actively producing and compiling learning materials for the Mizu-Town website, a dedicated platform that will become widely accessible later this year. The site will support the Mizuiku Homework Activity online learning system, which provides a place for students to learn about water preservation through an interactive, gaming format. Each student is in charge of an imaginary city within Mizu-Town, where they must complete environmental research quizzes or activities to collect points that can later be exchanged for ornaments to keep their city clean.

Water is a precious resource not only to our business, but to all living things. At Suntory, we deeply respect the blessings of water and nature, and we believe that by teaching the next generation the importance of environmental protection, we can ensure a more sustainable future.

Testimonial from students about what they learned from the Mizuiku Program and how they enjoyed learning about clean water through the Mizuiku Online Edu Tools.

Indonesia, August 12, 2021

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