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Helping Suntory be a "Growing for Good" Global Company

The Suntory Group continues to enjoy steady growth in a wide range of global businesses centered around the sales of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Through our corporate philosophy, "To create harmony with people and nature, " we have since our founding contributed to the richness of people's lives by providing the highest quality products and services to our customers, and have aimed to realize a sustainable society through harmony with nature— always coexisting with the beautiful, global environment. To promote these efforts on a global scale, last year we established the "Suntory Group Sustainability Vision." With this policy as our guiding principle, we will continue to promote sustainable management on a global level, and work toward becoming a company that is "Growing for Good."

Even as our business expands across the globe, our insistence on quality remains unchanged. With customer satisfaction first, and safety a must, we maintain our thorough commitment to product quality in the customer experience, from the taste of our products to the ease of use of our product containers. As a global company, Suntory Group continues to create new value for our audiences by developing high-quality products through finding synergies across national and corporate boundaries. In recent years, Suntory has created many innovative products by combining its 120-year heritage of craftsmanship with the strength of our overseas group companies that own many locally loved brands. We will continue to promote activities that deliver new value to our customer's lifestyles around the world through using our strengths as a global company to the greatest extent.

Based on our founding spirit of "Giving Back to Society, " we consider it to be our great mission to hand down a sustainable society with a rich natural environment to the next generation through our unique efforts. To tackle global-scale issues, we have set ambitious goals in the fields of 「Water」「CO2」and「Plastic」.The greatest priority across our efforts is supporting the sustainability of water, which is the source of our business as well as a precious resource supporting human life. As a company that places water as its core, we have been engaged for many years in a variety of efforts to conserve and educate about this important resource in Japan. Now, using the knowledge we developed in Japan, we are rolling out our water sustainability efforts globally. We will continue to expand and carry out our efforts around water, in line with local needs, in all regions where we conduct business.

It is the strength of our Suntory Group employees that turns our will into reality. The driving force behind our activities is the spirit of "Yatte Minahare" passed down since our founding. By fostering an environment where all our employees can put the spirit of "Yatte Minahare" into practice, we will continue to take on unique challenges to innovate and build a brighter society.

Representative Director,
President & Chief Executive Officer
Suntory Holdings Limited

Takeshi Niinami

* "Yatte Minahare" means dream big, take challenges, and never give up. It is our spirit of bold ambition. It was the saying of our founder, Shinjiro Torii, and it is now one of our core values. "Yatte Minahare" drives our bold ventures. With the power of these words, we dare to take on new challenges, question the status quo, and keep driving forward.
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PT Suntory Garuda Beverage CEO

>Ong Yuh Hwang

At Suntory Garuda Beverages (SGB), we brought the world-class expertise of Suntory in Beverage industry to serve the consumers of Indonesia – the fourth most populous country globally and one of the fastest growing market in South East Asia. To live the SGB's "One Team, One Dream" spirit, we will work together tirelessly to embrace new challenges and delight our consumers with innovative and great tasting new beverages.

We are proud to be part of Suntory and its long and rich history of innovation in the beverage industry. Founded over a hundred and twenty years ago in Japan, Suntory offers a uniquely diverse portfolio enjoyed by millions around the world. Since Suntory officially began its joint venture in Indonesia in 2011, we have brought new and exciting innovations to Indonesian consumers, that represent a harmonious blend of both Indonesian and Japanese cultures.

Great tasting drinks with good flavor backed by safety, quality, and reliability is at the core of our “Research and Innovations”. From OKKY Jelly Drink, Mountea ready-to-drink tea to MYTEA bottled tea and Good Mood water, we work tirelessly to create value-added products that appeal to Indonesia consumers. Some of these are established Indonesian favorites, while others are new innovations made possible by the advanced technology of Suntory Japan. Our ambition is to be the Best and most Loved Beverage company in Indonesia and we aim to double our business in the next few years.

True to our vision of Growing for Good, we will strive to grow our business while contributing to society and the environment. Our commitment is embodied in our actions that minimize our environmental impact through conservation of water resources which go hand in hand with our actions for plastic waste management and reduced CO2 emissions in our value chain. As a leading beverage company, the preservation of water resources is particularly important. The Mizuiku program represents our corporate philosophy of Mizu To Ikiru, which goes beyond producing environmentally friendly products and mobilizing employees for volunteer activities. Mizuiku is not just about our corporate philosophy but more importantly, it is also our way of contributing to the sustainable development of the community.

Looking ahead, we are extremely focused on the excellent execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brands to deliver greater joy to our consumers and bringing positive change to the communities. In all of these efforts, we at SGB are driven by the "Yatte Minahare" spirit, which inspires us to dream big and never give up on our goals. This attitude of “Never Give Up” is most crucial in today’s VUCA world that is plagued by the current Pandemic. We know Successes rarely ever comes in a straight line and there will be lots of “surprises” along our journey to be the Best and Loved Beverage Company. However, I am confident the fine men and women in SGB will be able to win the heart and minds of Indonesia consumers and “turn crisis into opportunities”.

I am incredibly excited about this new chapter of our journey and truly believe that the best of SGB is yet to come.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President Director
PT. Suntory Garuda Beverage

Ong Yuh Hwang

* "Yatte Minahare" means dream big, take challenges, and never give up. It is our spirit of bold ambition. It was the saying of our founder, Shinjiro Torii, and it is now one of our core values. "Yatte Minahare" drives our bold ventures. With the power of these words, we dare to take on new challenges, question the status quo, and keep driving forward.
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